Terms of Use

Standard Terms of Use

You are permitted to use any of the images and catalogue text on the Pitt Rivers Museum's Object Collections online database for Approved Purposes (see below) subject to our terms of use. It should be noted that the images and information contained in this database are protected by internationally recognised laws of copyright and intellectual property.

Users may wish to be cautious when searching the catalogue as information and/or images of a secret or sacred nature, or relating to recently deceased individuals, may be included. If you have any concerns or further questions about this matter, please contact the Museum via email: objects.colls@prm.ox.ac.uk.

Much of the wording contained in this catalogue has come directly from historic documents and therefore some of the terminology may now appear outdated or even offensive. The historical value of seeing how objects were perceived at the time they became part of the Museum's collections (or even before) is an important part of a object's history. Nevertheless the Museum would like to take this opportunity to apologise if any of the terminology causes offence.

If you wish to use materials (text and/or images) found in the database in ways that are not covered by the Approved Purposes set out below, you are welcome to contact the Museum via email: objects.colls@prm.ox.ac.uk.

Approved Purposes

You are permitted to use any of the text and/or images made available in this database for the purposes of Private Research and Teaching (including lecture presentations, classroom hand-outs, etc.).

Images may be downloaded and stored locally for such purposes, but not otherwise disseminated as part of a website or print publication (other than for classroom use). Links may be made to catalogue URLs on websites as well as on social networking sites (via the links below each record). For all publication (print and web), film and television usage requests, whether academic or commercial, please contact objects.colls@prm.ox.ac.uk.

Use of Materials

In return for your agreement to abide by these Standard Terms of Use the Museum permits you to use materials in this database for Approved Purposes only. In doing so, the Museum requires that you attach copyright notices to the materials marking them © Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. To ensure accurate identification and assist future users and researchers, the Museum also requires that the accession numbers of any objects discussed or illustrated are displayed.