Access the Museum's Object Database

Some of the fields have drop-down lists for you to select from. Others are free-text fields in which you can enter your own search term.

It is possible to narrow a search by using more than one field at a time. For example, selecting Pottery in the Classification field and Sudan, Republic of in the Country field would bring up all the records for pottery items from Sudan. Once you have the results of your first search, you may narrow your search even further by clicking on the Modify Search button.

Please note that the online database uses pop-ups to create the webpages for the records. In order to use the database, you must enable the use of pop-up windows within your web browser. It is possible to allow pop-ups from the database, but continue to block pop-ups from other sources. For information about how to do this please refer to the documentation for your chosen web browser.

Search the Pitt Rivers Museum Online Objects Database.