'Dance-mask, conical wicker covered with painted cloth; with large nose-bar and hair represented by a mass of burrs, red and black mixed with down.'

Place details: OCEANIA MELANESIA. Papua New Guinea / Witu Bismarck Archipelago. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Pigment / Textile / Plant Seed / Bird Feather / Wood Plant / Bark Fibre Plant / ?. Processes: Wicker Woven / Basketry / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 540 mm Field Collector: Walter Edward Guinness (also known as Lord Moyne), on the Rosaura When Collected: November 1935 - February 1936 Other Owners: Walter Edward Guinness (also known as Lord Moyne) PRM Source: Walter Edward Guinness also known as Lord Moyne Acquired: Donated July 1936 Related Collections: The items collected on this voyage were divided between the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the British Museum, and the Pitt Rivers Museum. See also Lady Broughton's photographs in the PRM photo collections. [CK 25 06 1997; JC 12 6 2002]

KEYWORD: Mask / Dance Accessory / CLASS: Mask / Dance / Basketry / ?.

Research notes: For an account of the voyage during which this was collected, see Walkabout: A Journey in Lands between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, by Lord Moyne (with an Introduction by Dr A. C. Haddon F.R.S. and an Appendix by Dr A. J. E. Cave and Illustrated from Photographs by Lady Broughton), (London and Toronto: William Heinemann, 1936). [JC 12 6 2002]