Copper axe with thin cylindrical handle and blade tapering out to cutting edge, used as currency and for display. [MJD 7/8/2008]

Place details: AFRICA. Congo, Democratic Republic of? / Zambia? / Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Copper Metal / ?. Processes: Cast / Hammered / Smelted / Beaten / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 378 mm Max L = 154 mm Field Collector: ?H.J. Carlisle When Collected: Before 1907 Other Owners: ?H.J. Carlisle PRM Source: H.J. Carlisle? Acquired: Purchased September 1907

KEYWORD: Axe / Token / CLASS: Tool / Weapon / Trade / Currency / ?.

Research notes: In Balfour's diary of his 1907 trip to southern Africa [PRM ms collections] for September 6 1907 he remarks 'Met Mr. H.J. Carlisle + travelled with him a good deal of the way.' on 7 September 'Saw the train off again at 12.30 pm + arranged to see Carlisle at Bulawayo on my way through on Sunday week.' [unfortunately he doesnt seem to mention him further] [AP 22/09/2005]