Treadle spinning-wheel with metal wheel and drawer in the frame. [SM (Verve) 13/02/2013]

Place details: EUROPE. UK. England North Yorkshire York. Cultural Group: European English Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Metal / ?Iron Metal / Textile / Glue / Metal / ?. Processes: Inscribed / Carved / ?Cast / Glued / Cast / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 845 mm Diameter of wheel = 200 mm When Collected: By 1940 Acquired: Donated September 1940

KEYWORD: Spinning-wheel / Inscription / CLASS: Textile / Writing / ?.

Object description: Treadle spinning-wheel with metal wheel and drawer in the frame. The object has a small metal wheel at the top. In the frame beneath this is a drawer with a metal handle. The treadle and base of the frame have been covered with textiles which has been glued on. The treadle attaches to the drive wheel with a wooden connecting rod (a footman) [SM (Verve) 13/02/2013]

Publications history, trails & websites: Reproduced in black and white on page 160 of Spinning Wheels: Spinners and Spinning, by Patricia Baines (London: BT Batsford Limited, 1977), where it is captioned ''Boudoir' spinning wheel. late eighteenth entury, made by John Jameson of York; wheel diameter 7 3/4 in. (20 cm).' and on the page 159 described 'A spinning wheel in the Pitt Rivers Museum collection has JOHN JAMESON carved on the inside rim of the drawer. It has a double band drive, unlike those in Bavaria, which provides some evidence that it was probably made here'. [MJD 21/11/2014]