Reproduction of human figure, plaster cast. [ZM 18/08/2008]

Place details: EUROPE. Czech Republic. Brno Dolní Vestonice Moravia. Cultural Group: [Upper Palaeolithic Aurignacian] Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Plaster / ?. Processes: Cast / ?. Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: By 1931 Other Owners: Karl or Karel Absolon PRM Source: Karl or Karel Absolon Acquired: Donated September 1931

KEYWORD: Reproduction / Cast / Figure / CLASS: Reproduction / Figure / ?.

Accession Book Entry - Sept 1931 Prof. Karl Absolon, Brno, Moravia - Plaster cast of the "Venus of Vesternice", a figure of a human female, made from charred bone powder and clay, found at the Upper Aurignacian mammoth-hunter's dwelling site at Vesternice (Wisternitz) between Vienna and Brno, Moravia

Research notes: '.. and a camping ground of the Cro-Magnon mammoth hunters (30,000 BC) was discovered at Dolní Vestonice, on the edge of the Pavlov Hills, 20 miles (30 km) south.[of Brno] [Encyclopaedia Britannica on line] [AP 10/4/2000]

Other information: This object was used as part of a teaching collection by Derek Roe, Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology at Oxford University and was reintegrated into the Pitt Rivers Museum collection when the stone tools were packed for relocation from 60 Banbury Road to a new store in 2007. [AR 10/8/2007]