Plaster cast reproduction of human figure, known as the "Venus of Vesternice".

Place details: EUROPE. [Czech Republic]. [Brno Dolní Vestonice Moravia]. Cultural Group: [Upper Palaeolithic Aurignacian] Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Plaster / Pigment / [Clay] / ?. Processes: Cast / Painted / [Modelled ] / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 110 mm Max W = 40 mm When Collected: By 1931 Acquired: Donated September 1931

KEYWORD: Reproduction / Cast / Figure / CLASS: Reproduction / Figure / ?.

Object description: Plaster cast reproduction of a female figure with pronounced breasts, stomach and bottom and tapering legs. The navel is represented and a lateral groove runs around the body beneath it The arms are very short and close to the body. The figure has no facial features apart from two lateral lines on the forehead, possibly depicting eyes or eye brows. The figure is painted black and grey with traces of red around the base of the legs and crotch. [SM (Verve) 13/6/2016]