Model of a hide covered coracle. [SM (Verve) 13/03/2013]

Place details: ASIA. India. Tamil Nadu? Karnataka? Cauvery River. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Animal Hide Skin / Cane Plant / ?. Processes: Perforated / Bent / Stitched / Stretched / Wicker Woven / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 435 mm Max W = 420 mm Field Collector: ?James Hornell When Collected: before end 1923 PRM Source: James Hornell Acquired: Donated 1923 PRM Image: Collections Digital Reference Photo 13/03/2013

KEYWORD: Boat / Model / CLASS: Navigation / Model / ?.

Object description: Model of a hide covered coracle. The hide is stretched over a cane frame and stitched on around the edge. [SM (Verve) 13/03/2013]

Accession Book Entry - JAMES HORNELL, Esq., Director of Fisheries, Madras - Model of hide-covered coracle used on the CAUVERY R, MADRAS PRESY

Written on object - Model of coracle. CAUVERY RIVER, MADRAS PRESV. Pres. by J. Hornell, 1923 [SM (Verve) 13/03/2013]