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Model pile house [.1] with palm leaf roof and walls on a wooden frame. With four detached pieces [.2-.5] [SM (Verve) 13/02/2013]

Place details: OCEANIA MELANESIA. Papua New Guinea. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Palm Leaf Plant / Bark Wood Plant / ?. Processes: Tied / Recycled / Notched / Carved / Bent / ?. Dimensions: Max L [.1] = 1350 mm approx Max L [.2] = 594 mm Max W [.2] = 20 mm Max L [.3] = 330 mm Max W [.3] = 27 mm Max L [.4] = 82 mm Max W [.4] = 31 mm Max L [.5] = 187 mm Max W [.5] = 53 mm Field Collector: Hugh Hastings Romilly When Collected: 1886 Other Owners: Hugh Hastings Romilly Augustus Wollaston Franks PRM Source: Augustus Wollaston Franks Acquired: Donated July 1893 PRM Image: Collections Digital Reference Photo 19/02/2013

KEYWORD: Model / House / CLASS: Model / Dwelling / ?.

Object description: Model pile house [.1] with palm leaf roof and walls on a wooden frame. With four detached pieces [.2-.5]. The wooden frame is tied together with cane strips and the palm leaf walls and roof are tied to the frame with cane strips. There is a rectangular door way at both ends. The floor within the house is made of wood and cane planking. One of the supports on one side wall and two on the roof are made from a carved and pointed stick, like a spear with notches along one side of the tip. [.2] is a length of wood. [.3-.4] are lengths of bark. [.5] is a wooden section of ?floor. [SM (Verve) 13/02/2013]

Accession Book Entry - July A.W. Franks Esq F.R.S. British Museum - Specimens collected by H.H. Romilly in S.E. New Guinea in 1886 viz: large model of pile dwelling, ?Motu tribe

Pitt Rivers Museum label - MODEL OF PILE DWELLING S.E. NEW GUINEA H.H. ROMILLY COLL 1886. PRESD. BY A.W. FRANKS ESQ. 1893 [SM (Verve) 13/02/2013]

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Other information: Please note the Related Document stored under the heading '1893 [British Museum purchases? found with 1893.42.3]' does not refer to the object it was found with, but has been stored since it might be linked to the objects purchased from the British Museum in 1893. These items are numbered 1893.72.1-.14. [LKG 25/11/2009]

Please note: The four detached pieces [.2-.5] were found inside the house by the Conservation department when it was worked on as part of the VERVE project. [SM (Verve) 23/04/2013]