Ceramic bowl with painted decoration

Place details: N AMERICA. United States of America / Western USA New Mexico Cibola County Acoma Pueblo. Cultural Group: Southwest, Pueblo, Acoma: Local Name: Olla Materials: Pottery / Pigment / ?. Processes: Handbuilt / Coiled / Painted / Slipped / ?. Colour: Black White Orange Dimensions: H = 270 mm Max Diam = 310 mm Field Collector: Beatrice Blackwood When Collected: 1926 - 1927 Other Owners: Beatrice Blackwood PRM Source: Beatrice Blackwood Acquired: Donated 1928 Related Collections: Manuscript and photographic collections in the Archives

KEYWORD: Bowl / CLASS: Pottery / Vessel / ?.

Object description: Large pottery bowl, made spirally and painted all over with symbolic designs in black on white slip: lower part of vessel is orange. Interior is slipped white with orange band around inside of rim.

Publications history, trails & websites: Published as a PRM postcard. Caption on reverse: 'Handmade pottery jar. Collected by Beatrice Blackwood. U.S.A. - New Mexico - Acoma Pueblo.' [MOB 26/11/2001; JC 8 10 2004]

Illustrated in colour on page 18 of Pitt Rivers Museum: An Introduction, by Julia Cousins (Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, 2004). Caption (same page) reads: 'Handmade pottery jar from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico; collected for the Museum by Beatrice Blackwood.' [JC 8 10 2004]

Illustrated in colour on page 32 of Particularly Ravishing Morsels: Recipes from Around the World Inspired by the Collections, by The Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum (no place [Oxford], no publisher [Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum], no date [2007]). It is used to illustrate a recipe for 'Southern American Salsa' by Rosemary Sylvester and is captioned 'Pottery jar from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. 1928.9.1' [El.B 29/04/2008]