Winnowing basket.

Place details: EUROPE. France / Picardie Seine-Maritime Abbeville. Cultural Group: European French: Local Name: van Materials: Plant Stem / Wood Plant / Willow Wood Plant? / ?. Processes: Basketry / ?. Dimensions: Max W [including handles] = 975 mm Field Collector: ?Louis Colville Gray Clarke When Collected: By 1920 Other Owners: Louis Colville Gray Clarke PRM Source: Louis Colville Gray Clarke Acquired: Donated May 1920

KEYWORD: Basket / Agricultural Tool / CLASS: Basketry / Agriculture and Horticulture / Tool / ?.

Research notes: This object was chosen to feature in a trail around the Pitt Rivers Museum in association with the Museum of English Rural Life on Farming The First 12,000 years (https://merl.reading.ac.uk/explore/online-exhibitions/farming12k/). It featured in a pamphlet with the caption "Winnowing baskets. After threshing, crops are winnowed to further separate to further separate grain from chaff. This involves throwing the mixture into the air so that the lighter unwanted chaff blows away. Crops can be winnowed by hand, using tools such as these baskets from Picardie, Seine-Maritime, France and Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Mayen, South Sudan. In Europe, the nineteenth-century drive for efficiency led to the invention of mechanised solutions to this job. Today, harvesting, threshing, and winnowing can be all carried out by a single machine - the combine harvester."[FB 5/1/2021]