Mask representing a woman with braided hair. [ZM 23/10/2013]

Place details: W AFRICA. Nigeria. Southern Nigeria Niger Delta Rivers State Ahoada . Cultural Group: Ekpeye-Igbo (southern Igbo) Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / ?. Processes: Painted / Carved / Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 285 mm Max W = 177 mm Max Depth = 165 mm When Collected: 1937 Acquired: Donated 1938 Related Collections: MAA Cambridge G.I. Jones negatives (N.61411.GIJ & N.61433.GIJ) appear to be of this or a very similar masks [ZM 10/09/2013]

KEYWORD: Mask / CLASS: Mask / Children / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask of a face with carved slits for the eyes. Painted white, brown and black. Three holes in the back of the mask at the top. A circular indent in one side of the mouth and a small hole in each ear. Said to be head mask worn on top of the head rather than over the face (see publication information) [ZM 16/05/2013]

Publications history, trails & websites: Published as a Museum postcard (no. 114). Caption reads: 'Painted wooden headmask used by uninitiated young boys for playing at masquerade. The mask is worn on top of the head rather than in front of the face. Africa, Nigeria - Rivers State - Ekpeya Igbo (Ibo) People (1938.15.1).' Copy in RDF. [JC 9 5 2000, 3 12 2008]

A black and white photograph of this mask taken by G.I. Jones features on the website for the G.I. Jones Photographic Archive Of Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture, see the Ekpeya Igbo section of the Index to the Riverine Igbo region (http://mccoy.lib.siu.edu/jmccall/jones/riverine.html). The caption underneath the photo reads: 'Owu mask Ahoada Division, Ekpeya Igbo [ZM 18/07/2013]