Deerskin coat with painted decoration, off European pattern, bound with cloth. Decorative quillwork band on shoulder. [Laura Peers 28/3/2000]

Place details: N AMERICA. Canada. Cultural Group: NE Subarctic Cree Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Moose Hide Skin Animal / Quill / Textile / Cotton Yarn Plant / Pigment / Animal Hair / Metal / ?. Processes: Bound / Painted / Quillwork / Appliqué / Stitched / Woven / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 1360 mm (from top of collar to top of lower hem fringe not incl fringe) When Collected: By 1906 Acquired: Purchased November 15 1906

KEYWORD: Coat / CLASS: Clothing / ?.

Object description: Deerskin coat with painted decoration, of European pattern, bound with cloth. Decorative quillwork band on shoulder. Long wrap coat with just one button at the collar. The amount of overlapping or crossover fabric at the front is unusual, suggesting that the design may have been copied from a European dressing gown. Faced at the front edges, the cuffs and the collar with red and tan wool [?]brocade fabric. There are traces of natural-coloured/ cream wool lining in the sleeves. The facing is crudely sewn, and appears to have been repaired or tacked back down with a contrasting white thread relatively recently. There are a series of painted or possibly stamped stencils at the front edges, a deep border around the hem in red and blue paint. The painted designs extend under the textile facing, and the hide under the facing is much cleaner, suggesting that the facing might be a later addition. There is one band of woven quillwork with tinkle cones and hair tufts inserted into them, on the back of the shoulders. There is a quill wrapped fringe at the lower edge. The seams of the garment show at least three different kinds (or qualities) of stitching: there is a short sinew-sewn area at the collar; other seams originally sewn neatly with cotton or linen thread; some seams have cruder stitching, some in black thread. The amount of dirt and wear suggests use. [Laura Peers 28/3/2000]