Dagger with very broad inscribed blade with a star and crescent perforation in the centre and leather bound handle. [SM 19/06/2007]

Place details: AFRICA. Sudan, Republic of. Khartoum. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Iron Metal / Animal Leather Skin / ?. Processes: Forged (Metal) / Bound / Perforated / Inscribed / Etched / Decorated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 317 mm Max W = 140 mm Field Collector: ?W.G. Digby When Collected: By 1904 Other Owners: W.G. Digby PRM Source: W.G. Digby Acquired: Donated December 1904 PRM Image: DCF 2007 Digital Ref Photo 19/06/2007

KEYWORD: Knife / Dagger / Religious Object? / Inscription / ?Ceremonial Object / CLASS: Weapon / Religion / Writing / ?Ceremonial / Tool / ?.

Object description: The blade has ?Arabic etched onto both surfaces of the blade. [SM 19/06/2007]

Accession Book Entry - ‘LIEUT. W. G. DIGBY, A.S.C. Bulford Camp, nr Salisbury Dec... - Priest’s inscribed dagger with very broad blade, found in Khartoum.’

Pitt Rivers Museum label - Priest's knife, Found in KHARTOUM, when the town was captured from the Dervishes. Pres. by Lieut. W. G. Digby, A. S. C. 1904. [SM 19/06/2007]