Band of beadwork with black ground colour and eleven symmetrical yellow and purple motifs (?flowers) along the length of the band. [MdeA 8/3/2000]

Place details: N AMERICA. USA. Minnesota. Cultural Group: NE Woodlands Chippewa Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Bead / Cotton Yarn Plant / ?. Processes: Beadwork / Strung / Dyed / Woven / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 635 mm Max W = 24 mm Field Collector: Beatrice Blackwood When Collected: 1939 Other Owners: Beatrice Blackwood PRM Source: Beatrice Blackwood Acquired: Donated 1939 Other Numbers: Blackwood ii 1656 [1655] PRM Image: DCF 04-06 Digital Ref Photo 4/11/2004

KEYWORD: Bead / Specimen / CLASS: Bead / Specimen / ?.

Object description: Description by Marcia Anderson, Chief Curator, Minnesota Historical Society, at 1999 visit: Loomed band of larger sized seed beads, all opaque, forming repeat of eight-pointed stars with diamond patterns in between them. The background is black with stars and diamonds worked in yellow, purple and black. Grey plied warp/weft thread has the sheen of mercerised cotton. The warp threads are tied in a knot at each end. The piece is in excellent condition. [MdeA 8/3/2000]

Accession Book Entry - Collection made by MISS BEATRICE BLACKWOOD, in 1936-37 in NEW GUINEA & NEW BRITAIN. & in the United States and in Mexico, 1939.... 1939. OCTOBER. From the CHIPPEWA TRIBE, MINNESOTA, U.S.A... - Band of modern bead-work for comparison with older work. Made by patients at the Sanatorium, Walker, Minnesota, and given to B.B. by the Superintendent of the Occupational Therapy Department, July 20, 1939.

Old Pitt Rivers Museum label - Modern bead work CHIPPEWA INDIAN MINENESOTA U.S.A. Made by T.b patients at the Sanatorium, Walker. Minn d.d. B. Blackwood 1939 ii 1655 [L.Ph 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 4/11/2004]

The label on the band says 'd.d.B.Blackwood 1939 II 1655'. [However I think the number 1655 on the tag is a misnumbering as it does not tally up with the accession book. The accession book gives number 1655 as the lacrosse stick from the same Chippewa collection. The beaded band should be 1656]. [JN 24/5/99]

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Other information: Originally entered on database as 'Subarctic Woodlands Ojibwa'. [CW 4 6 99]