Band of beadwork with black ground colour and eleven symmetrical yellow and purple motifs (?flowers) along the length of the band. [MdeA 8/3/2000]

Place details: N AMERICA. USA. Minnesota. Cultural Group: NE Woodlands Chippewa Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Bead / Cotton Yarn Plant / ?. Processes: Beadwork / Strung / Dyed / Woven / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 635 mm Max W = 24 mm When Collected: 1939 Acquired: Donated 1939 Other Numbers: Blackwood ii 1656 [1655]

KEYWORD: Bead / Specimen / CLASS: Bead / Specimen / ?.

Object description: Description by Marcia Anderson, Chief Curator, Minnesota Historical Society, at 1999 visit: Loomed band of larger sized seed beads, all opaque, forming repeat of eight-pointed stars with diamond patterns in between them. The background is black with stars and diamonds worked in yellow, purple and black. Grey plied warp/weft thread has the sheen of mercerised cotton. The warp threads are tied in a knot at each end. The piece is in excellent condition. [MdeA 8/3/2000]