Pearl shell for windows. The shell is semi-transparent, one side is pearlescent the other is naturally ridged. The shell is circular and flat. [AB [OPS Move] 18/5/2017]

Place details: SE ASIA. Philippines / Manila. Local Name: Placuna placenta Materials: Pearl Shell / ?. Processes: ?. Dimensions: Max L = 109 mm Max W = 112 mm Field Collector: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear HMS Flying Fish When Collected: 1885 Other Owners: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear Julia Maclear PRM Source: Julia Maclear Acquired: Donated September 1909

KEYWORD: Shell / Building Part / Specimen / CLASS: Dwelling / Specimen / Animalia / ?.

Research notes: The windowpane oyster, Placuna placenta, has flat translucent valves that are used, primarily in the Philippines, in the manufacture of lampshades, trays, mats, and bowls, and for window-glass [Encyclopædia Britannica Online: “Bivalve”].

John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear served on the HMS Flying Fish between 1883 and 1887 on surveying work [DNB] [AP 2/2/2001]