Libation stick in the form of a length of wood carved on one face. The carvings denote the lineage of the owner.

Place details: ASIA. Japan / Hokkaido. Cultural Group: Ainu アイヌ: Local Name: Iku Bashui Iku basui Materials: Wood Plant / ?. Processes: Carved / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 350 mm Max W = 32 mm Field Collector: Neil Gordon Munro When Collected: By 1909 Other Owners: Neil Gordon Munro PRM Source: Neil Gordon Munro Acquired: Donated May 1909

KEYWORD: Prayer Object / Ceremonial Object / CLASS: Religion / Ritual and Ceremonial / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4.

Publications history, trails & websites: Illustrated in colour on page 39 of the catalogue to accompany the exhibition: 'A Scottish Physician's View: Craft and Spirit of the Ainu from N.G. Munro Collection' organised by The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture, the Historical Museum of Hokkaido, and Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History. Its caption, in Japanese followed by English translations, on the same page reads: '246 libation stick 34.5, 4.2 Pitt Rivers Museum University of Oxford (c) Pitt Rivers Museum'. A second caption on page 155 reads: '246 1 libation stick 2. 34.5, 4.2 3. iku bashui moustache-lifter AINU, YEZO Pres. by Dr. N.G. Munro. 1909. 4. Pitt Rivers Museum University of Oxford 5. 1909.15.3 6. photo (c) Pitt Rivers Museum.' [MOBB 12/11/2018]

Research notes: IKU-BASHUI or IKU-PASHUI is the name for them used by the Hokkaido Ainu. [LMM]