Male figure, made of light wood completely coated in black pigment. The face and upper torso are painted with red, yellow and white pigment. The eyes are cowrie shells. The figure wears waist, arm and leg ornaments of red fibre and shells.

Place details: OCEANIA MELANESIA. Papua New Guinea / Sepik. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / Shell / Cowrie Shell / Plant Fibre / ?. Processes: Carved / Painted / ?. Colour: Black Red White Yellow Dimensions: H = 490 mm Field Collector: Michael Carey When Collected: 1970 - 1972 Other Owners: Michael Carey PRM Source: Michael Carey Acquired: Donated 1989 7 18 Related Collections: PRM ARCHIVE

KEYWORD: Figure / CLASS: Figure / Trade / ?.

Publications history, trails & websites: Published as a PRM postcard (with 1989.28.17), April 2002. [JC 5 7 2002]

Reproduced in colour on page 30 of 'Beauty of the World', by Mike O'Hanlon, in Oxford Today: The University Magazine, Vol. XIV, no. 3 (Trinity Issue 2002), pp. 28-30. Also reproduced on the 'Contents' page (page 3) of that issue of Oxford Today. [JC 5 7 2002]