Wooden mask with pale face, bushy curly beard, red lips and inset with blue glass eyes. [SM (Verve) 18/02/2013]

Place details: M AMERICA. Guatemala. Alta Vera Paz State San Pedro Carchá. Cultural Group: Kekchí Maya Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / Glass / Wax / ?. Processes: Carved / Painted / Perforated / ?. Colour: Pink Black Dimensions: Max L = 226 mm Max W = 170 mm Field Collector: Elsie Colsell McDougall When Collected: By 1951 Other Owners: Elsie Colsell McDougall PRM Source: Elsie Colsell McDougall Acquired: Donated 1951 Related Collections: Photo Archive B51 PRM Image: Collections Digital Reference Photo 18/02/2013

KEYWORD: Mask / Dance Accessory / CLASS: Mask / Dance / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask with pale face, bushy curly beard, red lips and inset with blue glass eyes. The mask has no hair and large black bushy eyebrows. The eyes are made from glass and are painted blue. They have been set into the mask from the back with wax. The mouth is closed. Two eye holes are positioned between the eyes and the nose and the nostrils have been pierced.[SM (Verve) 18/02/2013]

Accession Book Entry - 'MRS ELSIE MCDOUGALL, BEARSVILLE, ULSTER COUNTY, NEW YORK, U.S.A. Series of secular dance masks caricaturing the types of foreigners familiar to the natives... - GUATEMALA. ALTA VERA PAZ, S. PERDRO CARCHÁ. Wooden mask, pale face, very bushy curly beard, mustachios and eyebrows, modelled and painted black. Large nose, small closed mouth, red-painted lips. Eyes of glass, with blue iris. These glass eyes can be hired to put in masks for fiestas. Length 22.6 cm, width (max.) 17.0 cm. Holes for sight between eyes and bridge of nose. Nostrils also pierced.'

Pre-PRM label - [Removed and placed in the Related Documents File] Guatemala Alta Vera Paz glass eyes sometimes rented for a fiesta - ? for temporary insertion in crud[sic] mask [SM (Verve) 18/02/2013]

Written on object - GUATEMALA ALTA VERA PAZ S. PEDRO CARCHA d.d. Mrs. E McDougall [SM (Verve) 18/02/2013]