1896.21.1 .2

Button greatcoat with attached hood, from man's costume. [FB 08/04/2015]

Place details: N AMERICA. Canada. Quebec Lorette. Cultural Group: NE Woodlands Wendat Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wool Textile Animal / Moose Hair Animal / Bead / Metal / ?. Processes: Embroidered / Woven / ?. Colour: Blue Dimensions: Max L = 1300 mm When Collected: 1840 - 1850 Acquired: Donated June 1896

KEYWORD: Coat / Hood / CLASS: Clothing / Clothing Headgear / ?.

Object description: Button greatcoat with attached hood, from man's costume in blue blanket cloth lined with wool tartan material; with moosehair appliqué floral design. The coat has six buttons. The fastening edge of the cat has been lined with red textile. The cuffs, shoulders and pockets have been embellished with with moosehair appliqué floral design and fringing. [FB 08/04/2015]

Publications history, trails & websites: IIllustrated in black and white as Plate IX, B in Hair Embroidery in Siberia and North America by Geoffrey Turner (Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, Occasional Paper on Technology, 7). The illustration is captioned (page 76) as follows: 'Bonnet, coat and leggings of heavy blue blanket cloth, lined with tartan and edged with scarlet braid. Panels of moose-hair embroidery on dark brown skin. Tassels of dyed moose hair in tin cones. Collected by Lord Tollemache, 18456. PRM: II.60.I.' [MJD 19/08/2011]

Referred to in note 58 on page 308 of Trading Identities: The Souvenir in Native North American Art from the Northeast, 1700-1900, by Ruth B. Phillips (Seattle and London: University of Washington / Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1998). Phillips discusses a suit of clothes in the National Museum of Denmark (Hc 146 1-1): ‘A similar though probably slightly later suit in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (1896.21.1-4 [sic, 1896.21.1.1-.4]), was collected by Lord Tollemache about 1845.’ [JC 4 3 2013]