Ceremonial Palestinian woman's marriage cap fringed front and back with ancient and modern coins, with side flaps and chain also with coins attached.

Place details: ASIA. Palestine / Hebron Hills Bethlehem ?. Local Name: wuqayat al-darahem Materials: Gold Metal / Metal / Wool Yarn Animal / Silk Yarn Animal / Cotton Textile Plant / ?. Processes: Recycled / Stitched / Embroidered / ?. Dimensions: L (excluding chain) = 219 mm W = 186 mm H = 314 mm Diam = 180 mm Field Collector: Charles Warren (Palestine Exploration Fund) When Collected: 1870 Other Owners: Mrs Watkin Williams (also known as C.P.S. Williams) PRM Source: Mrs Watkin Williams (also known as C.P.S. Williams) Acquired: Donated 1952

KEYWORD: Headdress / Headgear / Coin / CLASS: Ceremonial / Currency / Marriage / Clothing Headgear / ?.

Publications history, trails & websites: Illustrated and discussed in detail in 'A Numismatic Curiosity in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford', by Anthony Wooton, in Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin, no. 498 (November 1959), pp. 399-406 (photocopy in RDF). NB Weir (see below) shows that Wooton mistook the front for the back. [MOB 4/2/2002; CM; JC 23 3 2005]

Illustrated in Plates V (two views, front and back) and IX (from top), listed on pages 101-2, and discussed in detail on pages 102-3 of 'A Bridal Headdress from Southern Palestine', by Shelagh Weir, in Palestine Exploration Quarterly (January-June 1973), pp. 101-109 (photocopy in RDF). [MB; JC 23 3 2005]

Illustrated in colour (two views; front and back) and discussed in detail on page 186 of Palestinian Costume, by Shelagh Weir, London: British Museum Publications, for the Trustees of the British Museum (1989) (photocopy in RDF). Weir argues that the presence of a large number of coins milled in 1844 makes it likely that the headdress was made soon after, hence her date of circa 1845. She also suggests a provenance of 'Hebron hills and their western foothills'. [JC 24 3 2005]

Illustrated in colour as figure 34 on page 37, and discussed on page 38, of Transformations: The Art of Recycling, by Jeremy Coote, Chris Morton, and Julia Nicholson (Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, 2000). [LP 21/6/2000; JC 23 3 2005]

Discussed and illustrated (in a drawing by Marvin Weil) in ‘A Bridal Headdress’, by George Kwaider, in Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum Newsletter, no. 43 (January 2003), p. 9. [JC 23 1 2003]

A brief account of the headdress is given in an undated entry on the Palestinian collections at the PRM on the 'Palestinian Costume Archive' website at http://www.palestinecostumearchive.org/; consulted 14 December 2005. [JC 14 12 2005]

Illustrated in colour on page 8 of Particularly Ravishing Morsels: Recipes from Around the World Inspired by the Collections, by The Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum (no place [Oxford], no publisher [Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum], no date [2007]). It is used to illustrate a recipe for 'Mutabbal' by George Kwaider and is captioned 'Bridal headdress from Southern Palestine, fringed front and back with ancient and modern coins, forming the woman's dowry. 1952.5.86.' [El.B 29/04/2008]

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Illustrated in colour in various editions of Macmillan Education's 'Tiger Tracks' and 'Tiger Time' series (from 2013 onwards), where it illustrates a lesson entitled 'Oxford and Cambridge' with the text 'At the Pitt Rivers Museum, you can see traditional costumes'. [JC 27 7 2016]