1935.69.23 .4

Wooden stirrup. The stirrup is domed and hollowed out with a flat base, with a cut out semi-circular piece on the curved face. A long strap of cane is attached to the top of the stirrup through a circular hole in the wood. One of a pair of stirrups, the other being [1935.69.23 .3] [EH [OPS Move] 3/4/2017]

Place details: SE ASIA. Philippines / Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Cane Plant / ?. Processes: Carved / Perforated / Bound / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 435 mm Max W = 98 mm Max D = 62 mm Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: By 1935 PRM Source: Stevens Auction Rooms Acquired: Purchased September 1935

KEYWORD: Stirrup Animal Harness / CLASS: Animal Gear / ?.