USB stick excavated from a school playing field. [FB 18/8/2016]

Place details: EUROPE. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland / England London Barnet Hendon Hendon School Playing Field. Cultural Group: European, British, English: Local Name: Flash drive or memory stick Materials: Plastic Synthetic / Metal / ?. Processes: Moulded / Glued / ?. Field Collector: Gabriel Moshenska When Collected: 2012 Other Owners: Gabriel Moshenska PRM Source: Gabriel Moshenska Acquired: Donated 12 August 2016

KEYWORD: Message-bearer / Carrying Device / CLASS: Writing / Transport and Travel / Music / ?.

Object description: USB stick excavated from a school playing field. The USB stick is metal in a blue plastic casing. The exposed metal connector and swivel cap are corroded. The connector is bent slightly upwards. The lettering on the swivel cap protector is mostly faded but it is possible to identify the USB stick as a Kingston Data Traveller DT101C. [FB 18/8/2016]

Publications history, trails & websites: The USB stick is the subject of the article The archaeology of (flash) memory. G.Moshenska 2014 in Post-Medieval Archaeology 48(1): 255-9. [FB 18/8/2016]

Research notes: Gabe Moshenska's publication in Post-Medieval Archaeology identifies the USB stick as a Kingston DataTraveler DT101C, produced by Kingston Technology. It also states that the stick was found to contain a range of files, dating from between November 2007 and November 2009, including music files (including Amy Winehouse, Rick Ross, Akon, Jassi Sidhu, Chris Brown) and MPEG files comprising a series of pornographic videos and a clip of Bhangra dance group Signature’s performance on ITV's "Britain’s Got Talent" television programme. [Dan Hicks 22/9/2016]