Figure, carved of wood. Painted and gilted. Burmese image of Gotama or Buddha.

Place details: SE ASIA. Myanmar (Burma) / Local Name: Buddha Materials: Wood Plant / Gilt Metal / Lacquer Varnish / ?. Processes: Gilded / Carved / Lacquered Varnished / Inscribed / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 914 mm Field Collector: ?Henry Torrens When Collected: ?On or before 1826 Other Owners: Given to the Ashmolean by Henry Torrens in 1826 PRM Source: Ashmolean Museum Acquired: Transferred 11 March 1886 Other Numbers: 500

KEYWORD: Figure / Inscription / CLASS: Religion / Figure / Writing / ?.

Research notes: Figure of Gautama Buddha, cross-legged. Inscription on base translated by Mr. Whitbread, London School of Oriental and African Studies [when?], as '..Bo-Byu's work of merit.' Information from Mrs. J T Bailey, 22/5/69: 'There are no diacritical marks so the writing is early, but it is impossible to say how early.' Given to the Ashmolean by Sir Henry Torrens in 1826; Duncan catalogue, 1836, no. 500. Note discrepancy about the date delivered to the PRM between the Vellum volume entry and the entry on the first list stuck in the vellum volume