1884.137.41 .7

Ceramic sherd

Place details: EUROPE. UK / England East Sussex Lewes Glynde Mount Caburn "Upper rampart; interior slope". Cultural Group: Iron Age Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Pottery / Clay / ?. Processes: Handbuilt / ?. Weight: 7 g Dimensions: Max L = 30 mm Max W = 24 mm Max Thickness = 8 mm Maker: Unknown Field Collector: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers When Collected: 1877 Sept Other Owners: Pitt Rivers 1877 - 1878. ?This object was listed in the Delivery Catalogue as having been transferred from South Kensington Museum in 1884. It was delivered to South Kensington Museum in March 1881. It was probably displayed at South Kensington Museum between 1881 - 1884. PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884 PR No.: ? 250/ 12099 - 285/ 12099

KEYWORD: Sherd / CLASS: Pottery / ?.

Object description: Body sherd of medium grain ceramic with mineral temper. [JW [Excav. PR] 05/03/2013]

Publications history, trails & websites: Lane Fox, A. 1881. Excavations at Mount Caburn camp near Lewes, conducted in 1877 and 1878. Archaeologia 46: 423-495. [Dan Hicks 03/09/2013]

Research notes: Note that there are a number of entries in Delivery Catalogue II pages 331 - 334 and 336 - 337 under the title 'Collection from Mount Caburn' which are listed and in many cases given a related fraction number, none of which match fraction numbers given in the accession books. It seems probable that some of the unmatched Mount Caburn objects could be matched to these delivery catalogue entries but until each object is found and given a detailed computerised catalogue entry it will not be possible to match further. Details of the entries on pages 331-4 are listed in PRM possibles file[AP Leverhulme project on founding collection 1995-1998]

Pitt Rivers published his two seasons work at Mount Caburn in the journal Archaeologia in 1881. Full reference: Pitt Rivers, A H L Fox. 1881. Excavations at Mount Caburn Camp, near Lewes, conducted in 1877 and 1878. Archaeologia 46: 423 - 495. [MN 15/06/2009]

The fortifications at Mount Caburn [TQ 4443 0891] are recorded on the English Heritage maintained National Monuments Record under monument no. 405932. The record is accessible online, see http://pastscape.english-heritage.org.uk/hob.aspx?hob_id=405932. [MN 15/06/2009]