Amulet, textile heart shape pendant containing pieces of 'yrtos' [Easter Bread], with a cross motif on one side, and a loop for suspension. [RB 23/02/2012]

Place details: EUROPE. Ukraine. Kiev. Cultural Group: Christian Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Textile / Foodstuff? / Sequin / Cotton Textile Plant / Metal Wire / ?. Processes: Stitched / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 48 mm Max W = 32 mm Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: By 1931 Other Owners: Adrien de Mortillet Wellcome Institute [Wellcome Historical Medical Museum] PRM Source: Wellcome Institute [Wellcome Historical Medical Museum] Acquired: Transferred 1985 Other Numbers: 390 Documentation: Catalogues, copies of index cards and related documents in Wellcome filing cabinet. [MdeA 10/05/2012] PRM Image: Collections Digital Reference Photo 16/03/2012

KEYWORD: Amulet / Food / Pendant / Neck Ornament / Religious Object / CLASS: Religion / Food / Ornament / ?.

Accession entry - 1985. WELLCOME INSTITUTE - ADRIEN DE MORTILLET COLLECTION. A collection of amulets, part of the Wellcome transfer of 1985. [MdeA 11/01/2012]

Accession entry, De Mortillet English catalogue, translation of the French catalogue - 390-392 Amulets containing pieces of "yrtos", that is to say Easter Bread; worn round the neck. St Michael's Convent, Kief Russia. [MdeA 18/01/2012]

Pre-PRM label - 390 [RB 23/02/2012]

Pitt Rivers Museum label - EUROPE, UKRAINE, KIEV; CHRISTIAN. Amulet, textile heart shaped pendant. de Mortillet coll. Trans. Wellcome Inst. 1985.52.206 [RB 23/02/2012]