Free reed mouth organ

Place details: ASIA. China / Nanking. Local Name: KU-KUAI Materials: Bamboo Plant / ?. Processes: Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 75 mm Max W = 45 mm Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: By 1904 Other Owners: Francis William Galpin PRM Source: Francis William Galpin Acquired: Donated March 1904 Other Numbers: 130.I.15

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Free Reed / CLASS: Music / Religion / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: Free reed mouth organ 2.

Object description: Free reed mouth organ, ku-kuai, very rude form. A short cylinder of bamboo forms an air chamber divided into 2 parts by a bulkhead. Each end closed and fitted with a rectangular piece of bamboo in which a free reed is cut. 2 small bamboo pipes lead into air chambers and serve as mouth pieces. Sold every Spring to pilgrims at a temple near Namkin.

Research notes: Galpin's biography, see Biographies file, suggests that Galpin did not travel to the Far East although he was an expert on ancient musical instruments and therefore I have presumed that he only possibly collected one piece himself, from Wales [AP 18/9/2002]