Free reed mouth organ with 14 pipes in two rows and wooden air chamber towards the top of the organ. The pipes are decorated with some pieces of red felt. [FC 04/11/2008]

Place details: SE ASIA. Myanmar (Burma) / Myitta. Cultural Group: Pa-O (Taungthu Karen (Kayin))?: Karen: Kayin: Local Name: Pe-ba Materials: Wood Plant / Reed Plant / Bamboo Plant / Textile / Felt Wool Textile Animal / Resin Plant / ?. Processes: Turned / Perforated / Tied / Bound / ?. Dimensions: L = 1910 mm W = 140 mm Diam [mouth hole] = 10 mm Maker: Lao Shan, inventor Field Collector: J.L. Dempster When Collected: 1893 Other Owners: Richard Carnac Temple PRM Source: Richard Carnac Temple Acquired: Found unentered Donated 1894.5

KEYWORD: Musical instrument / Free Reed / Panpipes / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: Free reed mouth organ.