End blown trumpet of shell with fibre rope handle. [El.B 09/12/2011]

Place details: OCEANIA MELANESIA OCEANIA POLYNESIA. Fiji / Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Shell / Plant Fibre / ?. Processes: Perforated / Plaited / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 220 mm Max Diam = 150 mm Max Diam [emb] = 23 mm Field Collector: ?Henry Balfour When Collected: By 1938 Other Owners: Matavatu Reva until circa 1870 ?Henry Balfour PRM Source: Henry Balfour Acquired: Bequeathed 1939 Other Numbers: Balfour 55

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Trumpet / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: trumpet.

Research notes: This object was examined by Steven Hooper (UEA) during a research visit in December 2011. He made the following comments: Probably relates to the 1876 "Little War" (see Gordon 1879). The name is mistranscribed but can be checked (in Von Huegel's journal or Gordon's own book). Coir binding shows different elaborate techniques. [El.B 15/12/2011]