End blown shell trumpet.

Place details: EUROPE. Italy. Naples Napoli. Cultural Group: European Italian Christian Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Shell / ?. Processes: Perforated / ?. Dimensions: L = 190 mm, Diam = 165 mm, Emb Diam = 18 x 13.5 mm Field Collector: Robert William Theodore Gunther When Collected: By 1923 Other Owners: Robert William Theodore Gunther PRM Source: Robert William Theodore Gunther Acquired: Donated 1923.9 PRM Image: F 97

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Trumpet / CLASS: Music / Ceremonial / Religion / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: trumpet.

Accession Book Entry - - Sept. - R T GUNTHER, Esq., MA - Strombus-shell trumpet, (end-blast), blown at the Feast of Piedigrotta, NAPLES.

Other information - object physically numbered by HLR.

This object was found physically numbered. [DCF Court Team 12/2/2003]

Publications history, trails & websites: This object features in the Museum's audio tour produced in 2010 [HH 05/07/2010]