End-blast trumpet made from entire skull of jaguar, plastered all over with a dark waxy compostion which is drawn out to a mouthpiece at the made of the skull. Supposed by its sound to attract jaguars to the hunter.

Place details: S AMERICA. Guyana / Cultural Group: South America, Warrau: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Jaguar Bone Animal / ?. Processes: Covered / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 155 mm Max Diam = 110 mm Field Collector: Everard Ferdinand Im Thurn When Collected: By 1889 Other Owners: Everard Ferdinand Im Thurn PRM Source: Everard Ferdinand Im Thurn per Edward Burnett Tylor Acquired: Donated July 1889

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Hunting accessory / Trumpet / CLASS: Music / Hunting / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: Trumpet.