2009.46.33 .1

Box base for miniature mouth organ [2009.46.33 .3] with accompanying lid [2009.46.33 .2] [RR 16/1/2020]

Place details: EUROPE. Germany / Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Cardboard Paper Plant / Metal / ?. Processes: Forged (Metal) / Printed / Bent / Painted / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 35 mm Max W = 17 mm Max H = 15 mm Maker: Hohner Field Collector: Unknown Other Owners: Hélène La Rue PRM Source: Hélène La Rue Acquired: Donated by the trustees of Hélène La Rue

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Toy / Free Reed / CLASS: Music / Toy and Game / ?.

Object description: Miniature mouth organ [.3] in a red box [.1] with lid [.2] printed with 'Hohner made in Germany'. The mouth organ is made from silver metal with four holes on either edge, one set of holes are round and the other set are square. On both sides of is inscribed 'Hohner made in Germany'. The red case [.1 & .2] for the mouth organ is rectangular in shape and made from cardboard and is painted red with with No 939 Hohner Made in Germany' printed on the front in silver italic font. [FC 17/05/2010]