Zither, from a section of bamboo.

Place details: ASIA. India / Manipur. Cultural Group: Southern Asia, Kuki, Thado?: Local Name: GUDA Materials: Bamboo Plant / ?. Processes: Split / Carved / ?. Dimensions: L = 571 mm Diam = 69 mm Field Collector: John Henry Hutton When Collected: By 1923 Other Owners: John Henry Hutton PRM Source: John Henry Hutton Acquired: Donated 1929

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Zither / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 3. MUSIC NAME: Cylindrical zither (5).

Research notes: According to Ethnologue, 'Kuki' is a synonym for both the Thado Chin and the Zome (Zo). Here the Thado Chin are specifically meant. [SHD 7/6/2000]