Necked box lute with a pear-shaped resonator outline, the belly and back are flat. There is one sound hole with a gilt wooden crescent.

Place details: EUROPE. UK / England. Cultural Group: European English Local Name: Cittern Materials: Wood Plant / Animal Gut / Elephant Tooth Ivory Animal / Silk Yarn Animal / Pigment / ?. Processes: Carpentered / Painted / Gilded / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 970 mm Max H = 100 mm Max W = 350 mm Maker: Harley Field Collector: ?A. Weston When Collected: By 1911 Other Owners: Purchased by Henry Balfour from A. Weston, 1911 PRM Source: Henry Balfour Acquired: Bequeathed 1939 Other Numbers: 609

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Lute / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 3. MUSIC NAME: necked box lute.

Publications history, trails & websites: Published in TAKEUCHI, T, Rediscovering the Regency lute: a checklist of musical sources and extant instruments, Early Music, 2018, vol. 46, Issue 1, Pages 17-34. [NC 26/7/2018]