1928.69.1523 .1

Fiddle to be played with bow 1928.69.1523 .2

Place details: ASIA. India / Assam North Cachar Hills Dengkenhong. Cultural Group: Southern Asia, Karbi: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Bamboo Plant / Wood Plant / Cane Plant / Plant Fibre / Plant Spathe / ?. Processes: Carved / Split / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 597 mm Max W = 110 mm Max D = 125 mm Field Collector: James Philip Mills When Collected: 1929 Other Owners: James Philip Mills PRM Source: James Philip Mills Acquired: Donated 1931

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Bowed Lute / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 3. MUSIC NAME: Fiddle (1).

Object description: Monochord fiddle with bamboo cup for body and spathe sounding board. Stem is of bamboo with branch base cut as a strut for the fibre cord straining the cord against 2 loops of wood (?for tuning and modulating). The cord is tied to the stem. Bow is of cane with a split-off 'string' left attached to the bow at one end.