1942.1.376 .6

Epaulette, part of a suit of Japanese armour. [El.B 12/4/2007]

Place details: ASIA. Japan. Cultural Group: Japanese Local Name: kohire Materials: Metal / Lacquer Varnish / Silk Yarn Animal / ?. Processes: Lacquered Varnished / Braided / Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 135 mm When Collected: By 1942 Acquired: Donated January 1942

KEYWORD: Armour / Ceremonial Object / CLASS: Armour Weapon / Ceremonial / Status / ?.

Object description: This is basically an extension of the shoulderstrap of the cuirass called kohire, 'little fins', a flap of gold lamellae with white silk lacing. Connected to the breastplate with white silk cord and a toggle. [El.B 12/4/2007]