1901.46.1 .5

Face mask [.5], part of complete suit of Japanese armour. [El.B 4/4/2007]

Place details: ASIA. Japan. Cultural Group: Japanese Local Name: mempo or menpo Materials: Metal / Lacquer Varnish / Hair / ?. Processes: Lacquered Varnished / ?. Dimensions: Max W = 170 mm When Collected: By 1901 Acquired: Donated 1901

KEYWORD: Armour / Mask / Box.CLASS: Armour Weapon / Clothing Headgear / ?.

Object description: The mask covers most of the face. It has a detachable nose and a light-coloured moustache possibly of horse hair. The inside is lacquered red. [El.B 4/4/2007]

Publications history, trails & websites: Illustrated in colour on page 41 of Pitt Rivers Museum: An Introduction, by Julia Cousins (Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, 2004). Caption (same page) reads: 'Complete suit of decorative Samurai armour; made in Japan in the late nineteenth century.' [JC 8 10 2004]