Single membrane wooden goblet drum. [FC 15/9/2008]

Place details: AFRICA. Congo, Democratic Republic of / West shore of Lake Tanganyika. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Lizard Skin Reptile / Iron Metal / ?Animal Hide Skin / ?. Processes: Carved / Hollowed / Nailed / Decorated / Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 364 mm Diam [head] = 250 mm Field Collector: Frank Hulme Melland When Collected: By 1911 Other Owners: Frank Hulme Melland PRM Source: Frank Hulme Melland Acquired: Donated March 1911

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Goblet Drum / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 2. MUSIC NAME: Single membrane goblet drum.

Object description: Single membrane wooden goblet drum. The bottom half is decorated with four carved pannels. Membrane secured by band of hide nailed around the rim. [FC 15/9/2008]