Sand socks, worn by Bedu in the sands for protection.

Place details: ASIA. Oman. Ash Sharqiyah Al Mintirib. Local Name: Zarbool Materials: Sheep Hair (Wool) Animal / ?. Processes: Looped / Braided / ?. Colour: Dark brown Beige Dimensions: L = 240 mm (foot) H = 150 mm W = 110 mm (at toes) When Collected: 12 Febraury 1986 Acquired: Donated 2003 Other Numbers: Field collector's catalogue number: Textile 211 Related Collections: 2003.74 Manuscript collections [collection of notes, personal papers, reports, questionaires etc] 2004.51 Photograph collections

KEYWORD: Sock / CLASS: Clothing Footgear / ?.

Object description: Sand socks, dark brown in colour. Looped with a needle. Braided (to tie sock on foot). These are worn by bedu in the sands for protection. [RJ 16/2/2003]