2003.9.134 .1

Sand socks, dark brown in colour. Looped with a needle. Braided (to tie sock on foot). These are worn by bedu in the sands for protection. [RJ 16/2/2003]

Place details: ASIA. Oman / Ash Sharqiyah Ramlat al Wahibah Da'sal. Cultural Group: Wahiba: Local Name: Zarbool Materials: Sheep Hair (Wool) Animal / ?. Processes: Looped / Braided / ?. Colour: Dark brown Dimensions: L [foot] = 270 mm H = 110 mm W [at toes] = 90 mm Maker: Mohammed Field Collector: Gigi Crocker Jones When Collected: 17/18 Febraury 1985 Other Owners: Roddy Jones, Gigi Crocker Jones (previously called Myrtle Jones) (her Arabic name was Latifa) PRM Source: Gigi Crocker Jones Acquired: Donated 2003 Other Numbers: Field collector's catalogue number: Textile 208a Related Collections: 2003.74 Manuscript collections [collection of notes, personal papers, reports, questionaires etc] 2004.51 Photograph collections

KEYWORD: Sock / CLASS: Clothing Footgear / ?.

Research notes: Extract from 'Traditional Spinning and Weaving in the Sultanate of Oman' by Gigi Crocker Jones, published by The Historical Association of Oman, March 1989. On sand socks, pg 63: 'Sandsocks: Sandsocks were worn by desert dwellers for generations in the sadns of Oman to protect the feet from the burning sands in the summertime, and from scorpion and lizards. They are still made in the Sharqiya by bedu men and women, but not any more near the Empty Quarter. These socks are looped with a needle and made of sheep wool. Some are reinforced with an extra sole and heel of goat hair and others are made of acrylic yarn and have a striped pattern.' [RJ 14/1/2003]