1899.74.25 .9

Frame drum with attached beater. [RR 10/1/2020]

Place details: ASIA. China / [Manchuria Manzhou] Liaoning Shenyang or Mukden. Cultural Group: Manchu Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Animal Skin / Animal Rawhide Skin / Iron Metal / ?. Processes: Carpentered / Bent / Tied / Glued / ?. Dimensions: H = 48 mm Diam = 492 mm Field Collector: Robert T. Turley When Collected: 1898 Other Owners: Robert T. Turley PRM Source: Robert T. Turley Acquired: Purchased 1899/3

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Coin / Striker / Frame Drum / CLASS: Music / Religion / Ceremonial / Currency / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 2. MUSIC NAME: Single membrane frame drum.

Object description: Description taken from Conservation Card by Lorraine Rostant 09/08/1999: Circular band of bent wood over which has been stretched the skin. Two iron rods on which are strung Chinese metal coins are stuck into the band. Plied ?sinew and leather cords attached to the band hold an iron ring in place under the skin. Attached to one end is a split bamboo beater. (Lorraine Rostant 09/08/1999) [LKG 18/03/2009]