Wooden castanets decorated with painted red and yellow lines. [JID 20/1/2020]

Place details: EUROPE. Italy / Naples Napoli. Cultural Group: European Italian Local Name: nacchere Materials: Wood Plant / String / Pigment / ?. Processes: Turned / Painted / Hollowed / Perforated / ?. Colour: yellow, polychrome Dimensions: Max L = 90 mm Max D = 72 mm Field Collector: Eustace Neville-Rolfe When Collected: 1907 Other Owners: Eustace Neville-Rolfe PRM Source: Eustace Neville-Rolfe Acquired: ?Donated 1907

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Castanets / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 111.141.1. MUSIC NAME: Castanets.

Object description: wooden castanets. Castanets painted yellow with coloured lines. Made from a solid block of wood which has been turned and then cut in half. The centre is then hollowed out and the two parts joined together with string through holes at the top.