Headpiece or helmet mask of the type associated with the Sande women's society of West Africa. [ZM 24/04/2013]

Place details: W AFRICA. Sierra Leone. Cultural Group: Mende Local Name: sowei Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / ?. Processes: Carved / Painted / Stained / ?. Colour: Black Dimensions: H = 410 mm Diam. (base) = 230 mm When Collected: By 1997 Acquired: Donated 6th October 1997

KEYWORD: Mask / CLASS: Mask / ?.

Object description: Wooden helmet mask designed to be worn over the head. Carved with the face of a female with a prominent forehead, downcast eyes and a closed mouth. Features a carved naturalistic intricately plaited hairstyle, with parallel hair partings. Carved below the face are neck rings, which encircle the base of the mask. The mask is stained or painted black. [ZM 24/04/2013]