Carved wooden mask with high rounded headdress carved with an openwork design of rosettes with perforated triangles. [DCF Court Team 14/2/2003]

Place details: AFRICA. Cameroon Cameroun. Province du Nord-Ouest Bamenda. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / ?. Processes: Carved / Stained / Painted / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 500 mm Max W = 300 mm Max Depth = 280 mm When Collected: By 1942 Acquired: Donated 1942 Other Numbers: 217

KEYWORD: Mask / ?Funeral Accessory / CLASS: Mask / ?Death / ?Ceremonial / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask of a face with human features wearing a rounded headdress carved with an openwork design. Carved opening at the mouth showing the teeth and a circular opening at the top. Blackened. [ZM 20/05/2013]