Carved wooden mask with high rounded headdress carved with an openwork design of rosettes with perforated triangles. [DCF Court Team 14/2/2003]

Place details: AFRICA. Cameroon Cameroun. Province du Nord-Ouest Bamenda. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / ?. Processes: Carved / Stained / Painted / ?. Dimensions: Max H = 500 mm Max W = 300 mm Max Depth = 280 mm Field Collector: Mervyn David Waldegrave Jeffreys When Collected: By 1942 Other Owners: Mervyn David Waldegrave Jeffreys PRM Source: Wellcome Historical Medical Museum Acquired: Donated 1942 Other Numbers: 217 PRM Image: Colour transparency; CD16.1; CD22.1 (Scanned Nov. 2003); Collections Digital Reference Photo 20/05/2013

KEYWORD: Mask / ?Funeral Accessory / CLASS: Mask / ?Death / ?Ceremonial / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask of a face with human features wearing a rounded headdress carved with an openwork design. Carved opening at the mouth showing the teeth and a circular opening at the top. Blackened. [ZM 20/05/2013]

Accession Book Entry - Collections made by Dr M.D.W. Jeffreys, Bamenda, British Cameroons and given to the Pitt Rivers Museum by his direction from with his consent by the Wellcome Hist. Medical Museum 1942 WJ 417 Large wooden mask in the shape of a human head with high rounded headdress decorated with rosette design in openwork carving, with arched back to cover the back of the wearer's head. Height 20 3/4" width c 12 1/4" Bamenda district, Cameroons (Orig No 217)

Added Accession Book Entry - See colour transp

Added Accession Book Entry - Note on collection Daukes 3 June 1942 (see pocket) states that the following is the correct description: Jeffreys coll. d.d. Wellcome Hist. Medical Museum

Label stuck on object - BAMENDA, CAMEROONS. 1942.W.J.417 [Orig. No. 217] [ZM 20/05/2013]

Related Documents File - Copy of MISNUMBERED postcard of this object. Description on back reads 'Wooden mask with openwork headdress, probably used in performances at mortuary ceremonies and other ritual occasions. The mask is worn on top of the head, with a face and body disguise (not shown) Africa Cameroon Bamenda people (1942.13.217)[sic]

Display history: This object was removed from C.9.C "Masks - Africa" when the case was redisplayed as part of the VERVE project [SM (Verve) 21/05/2013]