Carrying basket decorated with a panji horn, tassels and four small human figures carved from wood. [SM (Verve) 04/11/2013]

Place details: ASIA. India. Nagaland Longmien. Cultural Group: Konyak Naga Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Cane Plant / Plant Fibre / Wood Plant / Pigment / Animal Hair / ?Human Hair / Wool Yarn Animal / ?. Processes: Basketry / Carved / Dyed / Bound / Woven / Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 790 mm Max W = 400 mm Max D = 180 mm Max W [basket] = 295 mm When Collected: 19 February 1934 Acquired: Donated 1934

KEYWORD: Basket / Status Object / Figure / Carrying Device / CLASS: Basketry / Status / Figure / Transport / ?.

Object description: Carrying basket decorated with a panji horn, tassels and four small human figures carved from wood. The four figures comprise a carved head and body only. The faces are carved with detail added in black pigment. Their chests are painted with tattoo designs in black pigment. They have fringes of red, black and white goat hair around the base bound on with plant fibre string. The two outer figures also have long tassels of wavy black ?human hair. The outer two figures are painted with facial tattoos. They have ear ornaments of coloured glass beads and coloured wool yarn. The central two figures have ear ornaments of red wool textile strip tassels and coloured glass beads. The panji horn is also decorated with tufts and tassels of red, black and white goat hair. The rest of the basket is decorated with long plant fibre tassels bound at the bases with coloured yarn and tied to the basket. Some of these tassels have been dyed with red pigment. The basket has a carrying strap made of white textile with a woven geometric design in red, yellow, green and black. It is attached to the basket through cane loops on the sides of the basket and the ends are tied together under the tassels on the front of the basket. A short loop made from a strip of cane is attached to the back of the basket on the rim. [SM (Verve) 04/11/2013]

Publications history, trails & websites: Reproduced in colour on page 186 of The Nagas - Hill Peoples of Northeast India: Society, Culture and the Colonial Encounter, by Julian Jacobs with Alan Macfarlane, Sarah Harrison and Anita Herle (London: Thames and Hudson, 1990). "Collection of head-taking baskets decorated with carved wooden heads, monkey skulls, goats' hair and fibrous tassels. Pitt Rivers Museum display." The photos are of the displays in C.19.B and C.19.C at the time of publication. [SM (Verve) 23/10/2013]