Cast of axe

Place details: EUROPE. UK. [England Suffolk Mid Suffolk Hoxne]. Cultural Group: [Palaeolithic] Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Plaster / ?. Processes: Cast / ?. Weight: 183 g Dimensions: Max L = 153 mm Max W = 81 mm Max Thickness = 38 mm Maker: Unknown Field Collector: [John Frere] When Collected: By 1874 [1797] Other Owners: Pitt Rivers sent this object to Bethnal Green Museum for display, as part of the first batch of objects sent there, probably in 1874. This object was listed in the Delivery Catalogue as having been transferred from South Kensington Museum in 1884 PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884 Other Numbers: 6 PRM Image: Collections Digital Reference Photo 27/09/2013

KEYWORD: Tool / Cast / Reproduction / CLASS: Tool / Reproduction / ?.

Object description: Plaster cast of Palaeolithic hand-axe from Hoxne. Pointed axe with yellow-brown colouration [patina]. [CG [Excav. PR] 27/09/2013]

Accession Book VI entry - 1884.125.1 - 415 Neolithic implements 1884.125.1 - 415 Neolithic implements 1884.125.145 - 205 Top Gallery West side 1st Case on glass shelf Development Series - White cast of triangular flat-pointed implement, plano-convex, with rounded butt (15 1/2) Hoxne [Drawing]

Blue book entry - Flint Drift implements E Counties 937 Tray contg 3 casts of implements in the British Mus (1583) [sic number illegible]

Delivery Catalogue II entry - Transition from Drift to Celt type Tray contg 3 casts of drift implement British Mm 1547 937 [Case or screen?] 46 348 349

[Geographical] Card Catalogue Entry - [English archaeology] Suffolk Hoxne Palaeolithic - exactly as Accession Book

Written on object - HOXNE SUFFOLK B.M. P.R. coll.. 937 [CG [Excav. PR] 27/09/2013]

Written on object [in pencil] - Hoxne Suffolk B.M. 6. [CG [Excav. PR] 27/09/2013]

Written on object - 937 Trans [CG [Excav. PR] 27/09/2013]

Display history: Displayed in Bethnal Green and South Kensington Museums (V&A)[AP Leverhulme project on founding collection 1995-1998]

Research notes: This appears to be a cast of one of the two hand-axes found at Hoxne by John Frere in 1797. Another cast of the same object is 1884.122.2. Both casts are not exact replicas of either objects (the original is more pointed and the flake scars are different). Please see http://www.hoxne.net/history/prehistory.html for further information on John Frere and his finds. [CG [Excav. PR] 27/09/2013]

Note that object 1884.122.2 is recorded as a cast of the 1797 Hoxne hand-axe: it is unclear which object this is a cast of. [Dan Hicks 01/07/2013]