Spike lute, sound box covered with membrane of snake skin [membrane is broken]. 1 string remaining and three wooden pegs, 2 detatched from neck. [LKG 14/10/2008]

Place details: ASIA. China / Unknown. Local Name: san hsien Materials: Wood Plant / Snake Skin Reptile / Animal Ivory Tooth / Pigment / Elephant Tooth Ivory Animal / ?. Processes: Carved / Pegged / Painted / ?. Colour: Black Maker: Unknown Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: Prior to 1884 Other Owners: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Lute / CLASS: Music / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 3. MUSIC NAME: spike lute [3].