Endblast trumpet of shell with fibre string handle.

Place details: OCEANIA MELANESIA. Fiji / Viti Levu. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Shell / Coconut Fibre Plant / ?. Processes: Tied / Perforated / Plaited / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 185 mm Max Diam = 145 mm Max L [mouth hole] = 22 mm Max W [mouth hole] = 8 mm Maker: Unknown Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: ?Prior to 1879 Other Owners: Godeffroy Museum Hamburg. Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers. This object was listed in the Delivery Catalogue as having been transferred from South Kensington Museum in 1884. It was delivered to South Kensington Museum in September 1879. It was probably displayed at South Kensington Museum between 1879 - 1884. PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884 Other Numbers: 2196 PR No.: 48/ 10010

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Trumpet / CLASS: Music / Cordage / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: Flute.

Research notes: PD Bursa bubo - Linnaeus. Mus Godeffroy Hamburg, 2196, 1881 catalogue. [HLR]

2196 is probably a Godeffroy Museum 1881 catalogue no. [AP Leverhulme project on founding collection 1995-1998]

PD Bursa Bubo - Linnaeus. [HLR]

This object was examined by Steven Hooper (UEA) during a research visit in December 2011. He made the following comments: Possibly collected by Kleinschmidt at Manivatu. The cord is fine, and does not have the usual bifurcation at the end (so there are two types?). The shell is now usually called Bursa lampas (not bubo). [El.B 19/12/2011]