Endblast trumpet.

Place details: ASIA. Bangladesh / India / Unknown. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Shell / ?. Processes: ?. Dimensions: Max L = 165 mm Max Diam = 105 mm Max L [mouth hole] = 100 mm Max W [mouth hole] = 70 mm Maker: Unknown Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: Prior to 1874 Other Owners: Pitt Rivers sent this object to Bethnal Green Museum for display, as part of the first batch of objects sent there, probably in 1874. This object was listed in the Delivery Catalogue as having been transferred from South Kensington Museum in 1884 PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884

KEYWORD: Musical Instrument / Ceremonial Object / Religious Object / Trumpet / CLASS: Music / Religion / Ritual and Ceremonial / ?.MUSIC CLASS: 4. MUSIC NAME: Flute.

Research notes: PD Turbinella Pyrum - Linnaeus. [HLR]