Silver neck and breast ornament, set with sham stones, with square chain ornament edged with silver crescents, to hang on breast [El.B 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 15/4/2005]

Place details: EUROPE. Bulgaria / Unknown. Cultural Group: European Bulgarian: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Silver Metal / Stone? / Glass? / ?. Processes: Cast / Perforated / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 390 mm Max H = 150 mm Maker: Unknown Field Collector: Unknown When Collected: Prior to 1884 Other Owners: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers. This object was listed in the Delivery Catalogue as having been transferred from South Kensington Museum in 1884. It was probably displayed at Bethnal Green and/ or South Kensington Museum between 1874 - 1884. PRM Source: Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers founding collection Acquired: Donated 1884 PR No.: 7/ 9029

KEYWORD: Neck Ornament / Breast Ornament / CLASS: Ornament / ?.

Publications history, trails & websites: This object was featured in the Museum's audio guide produced during the DCF-funded 'What's Upstairs?' project, 2004–2006. [BR 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 8/11/2005]

This object was featured in the Museum’s ‘web gallery’ (‘Selected Objects from the Lower Gallery’) produced during the DCF-funded ‘What’s Upstairs?’ project, 2004–2006, with the following caption: ‘This silver neck and breast ornament has been set with silver crescents and fake precious stones. It was part of the original Pitt Rivers founding collection. Pitt Rivers did not travel widely. The bulk of his collection was acquired from dealers in the UK. However, he did visit Bulgaria in the summer of 1854, while he was serving in the British army in the Crimea. He may have collected this object then.' [BR 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 9/11/2005]

Research notes: Related Documents File - RDF contains notes found in a drawer with museum specimens in January 1991. They seem to be notes made by ES Thomas when cataloguing this section of the Pitt Rivers Collection. [The notes cover all objects in the 1884.79. section] [LM]

The British troops serving in the Crimea War were first located at Varna on the north west coast of the Black Sea (which is now in Bulgaria). It is possible that this object was collected there in 1854 by Pitt Rivers [Chapman, 1981: 53]. According to Chapman Pitt Rivers visited Bulgaria in the summer of 1854 [Chapman, 1981: 184], this object may have been collected then [AP Leverhulme project on founding collection 1995-1998]