Helmet of porcupine fish-skin. [El.B 22/3/2007]

Place details: OCEANIA MICRONESIA. Kiribati. Gilbert Islands. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Fish Skin / ?. Processes: ?. Dimensions: Max H = 330 mm When Collected: By 1878 April 29 Acquired: Donated 1884

KEYWORD: Armour / Helmet / CLASS: Armour Weapon / Clothing Headgear / ?.

Publications history, trails & websites: This object features in the Museum's audio guide produced during the DCF-funded 'Cutting Edge’ project, 2007-2009. [HH 20/06/2010]

Image PRM000009815 reproduced in colour at http://www.unpopularscience.co.uk/shark-teeth-weapons/, where it illustrates the article 'Shark Teeth Weapons', by Kim Biddulph, in the website Unpopular Science (Home of Science Stories that Never Quite Made the Front Pages), 10 April 2013. [JC 11 4 2013]

Image PRM000009815 reproduced in colour in Biostory [Tokyo] in 2013. (Printout of relevant page in RDF.) [JC 28 6 2013]